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Interview 2014

KRAUSELOCKE.de, Mayembé Malayika

Extract in English:
MM feat. in multicultural, urban online magazine.

'Do you believe that your hair influences your music in any way?
Since I had to deal with learning how to love it, it is part of my Africanization message, which says: "be strong in your africaness, however you express it!"...'

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Interview 2014

MUKAINTU, Mayembé Malayika

Extract in English:
MM feat. in Twaambo Kapilikisha's MUKAINTU Blog.

"What do you celebrate abut being a woman? I think we are highly compassionate. Besides that I'd rather say, I have a lot to be thankful for, first of all being alive, no matter of gender - it's a precious gift. Lately..."
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Interkultur Stuttgart

Artist Portrait 2013

MM Frontpage Article_Interkultur Stuttga
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Front cover Interkultur, Mayembé Malayika

Extract in English:

"African and soulful beats were getting more popular here (info: Germany) in the last years. Even though male singers are still dominant in this scene, more & more women with African roots, born and raised in Germany, are breaking through..."

Jürgen Spiess, Interkultur Stuttgart

"Stuttgart fliegt aus"

Artist Tip, Lift Stadtmagazin

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LONAM Magazine

Interview 2013

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Tribune 2 l'Artiste

Album Portrait 2013

Tribune 2 l'Artiste, Mayembé Malayika. Photo by K.Ariño

Extracts en Francais:

MAYEMBÉ MALAYIKA lance "Pan-African Soul"

"La scène afrosoul-allemande s’enrichit d’une nouvelle voix : celle féminine et bien chaude de MAYEMBÉ MALAYIKA..."

Jean-Jacques Dikongué, tribune2lartiste.com

Tagblatt Anzeiger

Artist Portrait, 2012

Die Tübinger Sängerin Malayika hat afr
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Extract in English:

Weckruf für den Soul / Wake up call for the Soul
"...she is proud, confident and her voice has potential: Mayembé Malayika, a singer from Tübingen with african roots is turning chilly concert halls to the warmest places in the world..."

Artist-Interview (Tagblatt)

Articles MAOONI / GEA:

Show with AMADOU & MARIAM!

Amadou & Mariam, Mayembé Malayika, 2012
Die Welt im Club - Reutlinger General-An
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Amadou & Mariam, Mayembé Malayika. Photo by MAOONI

Extracts in English: "...Mayembé Malayika opened the show for the malian couple with her „African Soul“. She sang about Africa, its pain and its pleasure, about aids und corruption but also about African heroes like Patrice Lumumba, the in 1961 assassinated fighter for Africa's independence. It showed how authentic her message is and how exciting Africa can be, with all its beauty, strength and hope..." Henri Depe Tchatchu, MAOONI Artikel MAOONI      "...in Hip-Hop style she sang about her Africa accompanied by rhythmic-harmonic sounds of an excellent acoustic-guitarist..." Artikel (GEA)

African Music Festival


Article, AMF 2012
Emmendingen- Neue Maßstäbe beim African
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Mayembé Malayika, Angélique Kidjo

Extract in English:

"...musicians define days like these and Mayembé Malayika, opened the African Music Festival program with her rhythmic und at the same time beautiful harmonies, with captivating, but also touching songs. The German with congolese roots is permanently present & and joins the celebration even when she's not on stage herself..." by Markus Zimmermann - Festival AMF

JAZZOPEN Stuttgart:

Show with KATIE MELUA!

Katie Melua, Mayembé Malayika, JAZZOPEN Stuttgart 2012

Mayembé Malayika wins the „jazzopen playground" contest 2012 and gets the chance to play on the Main Stage of Jazzopen Stuttgart as the Opening Act for Katie Melua.

General Anzeiger (GEA):


Front Cover GEA, Article
»Leute sollen Afrika spüren« - Reutling
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Front Cover, Mayembé Malayika, GEA

 Extract in English:

"...Mayembé Malayika's "African Soul" was well received at the Afrikafestival Tübingen 2011..."

By Martin Schreier

Link to Article

African Music Festival:

Music Jury

Article, AMF 2011
Link 2011 .pdf
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Extract in English:
"...Band Contest: The whole variety of Afro-Music...

in addition Mayembé Malayika performed one of her own songs acapella..."

By Markus Zimmermann - AMF Festival

Reggaeville Review:

Tiken Jah Fakoly / Mayembé Malayika

Tiken Jah Fakoly, Mayembé Malayika, Reggaeville Article

Extract in English:

"...his album African Revolution, Tiken Jah Fakoly stopped in Reutlingen to promote his African revolution. Today‘s most successful African Reggae artist proved that he succeeded in what countless others have claimed: he redefined African Reggae. The excitement was seizable when Mayembé Malayika opened the show in the well-attended Friedrich-List- Halle. The Jazz and African Soul singer hailing from Tübingen, Germany performed Africanization, Corruption and Rise, supported by bass and percussion...." By Valentin Zill - Link to article

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