Mayembé Malayika


Inspiring lyrics carried by a fresh & catchy groove! 


The German-Congolese artist & composer is singing about controversial topics (“Corruption”, “Congo”), empowering hymns (“Rise”, “Good Things”), unconditional love (“God’s Plan”) & the common identity of all Africans (“Africanization”, “African Soul”). 

Her work was influenced by experience in African-American Gospelmusic, close cooperation with European & traditional West-African musicians, as well as working with producers from Guadeloupe & Jamaica.


The album "Pan-African Soul" is focusing on the importance of balance and spirituality in a controversial world and heritage.  The album was produced by Fakoly Production, the Mali-based company of Reggaestar Tiken Jah Fakoly.

2_Mayembé Malayika Portfolio 2012
2_Mayembé Malayika Portfolio 2012
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"Am I German? Am I Congolese? These were my questions...

  Until I got in touch with my African Soul... my wholeness.

Working on the album was a process bringing me closer to what was hidden inside of me, parts of me that needed or still need a home, disturbing conditions we as human beings are living in - with the clear vision to inspire a lift of consciousness - an awareness to enable a higher, wider perspective.

The voice inside of me, being silent for so long, is breaking the silence.
Finally I'm following my cause.




1_Mayembé Malayika Portfolio 2012
1_Mayembé Malayika Portfolio 2012




Phone: +49 (0) 152 5376 8538

Email: mm (@) malayikamusic (.) de